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How to get to...

1. How to get to the Mallorca Island

2. How to get to the Barceló Pueblo Park Hotel (EC venue)
3. How to get from the hotel to the city centre

1. How to get to the Mallorca island

1.1. By Air

Most of the major European cities offer flights to Mallorca, especially from Germany and the UK. The main entry point to Palma is the international airport of Son Sant Joan, located just 8 kms from the city centre, and 6 kms from the EC venue.

Son Sant Joan International Airport (satellite view) (Ver mapa más grande)

Length of journey by Air
  • From Londres 2,30 h.
  • From París 2,00 h.
  • From Berlín 2,30 h.
  • From Amsterdam 2,25 h.
  • From Zurich 2,25 h.
Information for European travelers: There are several airlines offering non-stop flights to Palma de Mallorca from various cities in Europe, such as:
  • Air Berlin (from almost anywhere in Europe)
  • Easyjet (from the United Kingdom: London, Belfast, Bristol, East Midlands, Glasgow, Liverpool, New Castle, - from Germany: Berlin, Dortmund - from Italy: Milan-Malpensa - from Switzerland: Basel-Mulhause-Freiburg, Geneva)
  • Lufthansa (from Germany)
  • Condor (from Germany: Berlin-Schönefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig/Halle, Munich, Stuttgart)
  • Air Europa (from France: Paris)

If you cannot find any non-stop flights to Palma de Mallorca, you have three options:

  • OPCIÓN A: Flying to a Spanish city (we recommend Barcelona, since it's the closest peninsular city to Palma de Majorca), and taking a plane to Palma.
  • OPCIÓN B: Flying to a German city and taking a plane to Palma.
  • OPCIÓN C: Choosing a flight with 2 stops.For more information about airlines flying to Palma, click here and scroll down to "Airlines and destinations".
Information for other travelers: If you are traveling from outside Europe, we suggest that you take a plane to Frankfurt (or almost any major German city), London, Paris, Madrid or Barcelona, and then another plane to Palma.

1.2 By Sea

The two most important ports are Palma and Alcudia, and they take both regular transport of passengers and tourist cruise liners.

Alcudia is very far away from the EC venue, so if you are coming to Majorca by sea, we suggest that you get to Palma.

Puerto de Mallorca
Palma Port

Length of journey by Sea
  • From Barcelona 3,45 h.
  • From Valencia 6,00 h.
If you intend to come to Palma via Barcelona (the closest peninsular city to Palma), we suggest that you take any of these ferries:

2. How to get to the Barceló Pueblo Park Hotel (EC venue)

The best way to get to the Barceló Pueblo Park Hotel is either by taking a taxi or by taking bus #21.

By Taxi:
The minimum fare from the airport (including supplements) is 11,50 euros.


(Valid on Saturdays, Sundays and working days, between 21:00 hours and 7:00 hours)
Minimum fare: 2,15 Euros
Every km: 1,00 Euros
Every hour of wait: 17.90 Euros

FARE 2 (Valid from Mondays to Fridays between 7:00 hours to 21:00 hours)
Minimum fare: 1.90 Euros
Every km:  0.73 Euros
Every hour of wait: 16.20 Euros


Radio call: 0.90 Euros
For every piece of luggage: 0.60 Euros
Airport: 2.60 Euros
Palma harbour (from): 2.60 Euros
Bellver Castle : 0.60 Euros
Na Burguesa: 2.60 Euros


Guide dog, wheelchair, baby pram and issue of an invoice.


Choice of itinerary, air-conditioning in summer, clean vehicle, a smart driver. There is also a complaints book available. For more information, please call: 971 225 522

At any time of the day or night, you should find a taxi at the following companies:
  • RADIO TAXI Tel. 971 755 440 - 971 764 545 Fax. 971 298 200
  • TAXI PALMA RADIO Tel. 971 401 414 Fax. 971 401 010
  • FONO TAXI Tel. 971 728 081 Fax. 971 728 288
  • TAXI TELEFONO Tel. 971 743 737 - 971 744 050
  • TELE TAXI Tel. 971 200 900
  • TAXI PARA MINUSVÁLIDOS: Tel. 971 703 529

Normas y tarifas del taxi

By Bus:

Bus line 21 takes you from the airport to the vicinity of the Barceló Pueblo Park Hotel. The closest bus stop to the hotel is "C. Llaüt, 26" (i.e., 26 Llaüt street). After you get off the bus, go to the nearest crossing and turn on the left and go up La Misión de San Diego street until the next crossing, where you will see the back of the Pueblo Park Hotel.

Bus line 21 itinerary and timetable (PDF)

3. How to get from the hotel to the city centre

Either by taxi (which may cost around 16 euros) or by bus (lines 15, 23, 25, or 31). The one way bus ticket costs 1,10 euros.

Bus lines and timetables (PDF)
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