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Lords of the Night en castellano

Cripta Clan
Abdelsobek Follower of Set
Accorri Giovanni Giovanni
Ahmose Chambers Follower of Set
Alu Assamite
Anjalika Underwood Ravnos
Arnulf Jormungandrsson Follower of Set
Bakr Assamite
Belle Equitone (*) Follower of Set
Bertrand d'Anjou (*) Assamite
Brian Thompson (*) Ravnos
Chavi Oraczko Ravnos
Clea Auguste d'Holford Follower of Set
Diego Giovanni Giovanni
Djuhah, The Bronze Bow Assamite
Dmitri Borodin (*) Assamite
Durga Syn (*) Ravnos
Eric Milliner Giovanni
Evan Rogers (*) Assamite
Francis Milliner (*) Giovanni
Ganesh Ravnos
Gianmaria Giovanni Giovanni
Giovanni del Georgio Giovanni
Guillaume Giovanni (*) Giovanni
Gwen Brand Ravnos
Hafsa, The Watcher Assamite
Halim Bey (*) Follower of Set
Izhim abd Azrael Assamite
Jamal Assamite
Jayakumar Ravnos
Johann Matheson Ravnos
Kabede Maru Assamite
Kashan (*) Assamite
Kay Polerno Giovanni
Kiradin (*) Ravnos
Lady Constancia (*) Giovanni
Layla bint-Nadr (*) Assamite
Lizette (*) Ravnos
Lorenzo Detuono Giovanni
Luna Giovanni Giovanni
Marcia Felicia Licinia Ravnos
Margaret Milliner (*) Giovanni
Marla Kenyon (*) Follower of Set
Monty Coven Assamite
Nakhthorheb (*) Follower of Set
Neel Ramanathan (*) Ravnos
Nunzio Giovanni (*) Giovanni
Ogwon Follower of Set
Paolo Sardenzo Giovanni
Papa Legba Ravnos
Pentweret Follower of Set
Phaedyme Ravnos
Porphyrion Follower of Set
Primo Giovanni (*) Giovanni
Renenet (*) Follower of Set
Sajid al Misbah Assamite
Seterpenre Follower of Set
Shemti Follower of Set
Sisocharis Follower of Set
Stephen Milliner Giovanni
Sukainah Assamite
Sundervere, The Devil Brahmin (*) Follower of Set
Thucimia (*) Assamite
Vasiliy Vasilevich Ravnos
Vassily Taltos (*) Ravnos
Biblioteca Rareza
AK-47 R
Agent of Power C
Ambulance R
Armor of Vitality C/PR2
Army of Apparitions C/PR
Autonomic Mastery U
Bestow Vigor R
The Black Throne R
Blithe Acceptance C/PS2
Blood Awakening C/PA3
Bloodlust R
Brute Force C/PG3
Bundi C/PG3
Burden the Mind C
Camera Phone C/PG2
Can't Take it with You C
Cave of Apples R
Chair of Hades R
Charigger, The Axe R
Cobra Fangs R
Cold Aura C
Command the Legion R
Community Justice R
Conceal R
Condemn the Sins of the Father R
Divine Image U
Dream World C/PS4
Eluding the Arms of Morpheus C/PG2/PS2
The Eternal Mask C
The Eternals of Sirius U
Eyes of Blades R
False Resonance C
Fantasy World R
Fillip C/PR2
Flesh Bond C
Forearm Block C
Gramle C
Haqim's Law: Leadership C/PA
Hard Case R
Heart's Desire C/PR
Hide the Mind R
Into Thin Air C/PS2
Jericho Founding C
Karavalanisha Vrana R
Khazar's Diary (Endless Night) C
Kpist m/45 U
Kumpania R
Lesser Boon R
Leverage C/PR2
Loss C/PA3
Lost in Translation C/PA
Malajit Chandramouli R
Mantle of the Moon U
Mental Maze C/PS2
Mercury's Arrow C
Mesu Bedshet C/PS
Mirror's Visage R
Mokolé Blood R
Monster R
Murmur of the False Will C/PG4
Narrow Minds R
Nephren-Ka R
Nest of Eagles C/PA2
Nightstick U
Omael Kuman R
Open Dossier C
Permanent Vacation R
Poison the Well of Life R
Powerbase: Savannah R
Powerbase: Zürich R
Precision R
Preternatural Strength R
Promise of 1528 U
Public Trust C/PS2
Quick Jab C
Reckless Agitation C/PG3
Resist Earth's Grasp C/PA2
Resume the Coil R
Retain the Quick Blood R
Revelation of Ecstasy C/PS4
Sense the Savage Way C
Set's Curse R
Sheepdog R
Shell Break C
Shroudsight C
Slam C/PG2
Soul Feasting R
Spell of Life C
Street Cred C
Strike at the True Flesh C
Swiss Cut R
Sympathetic Agony R
Talith U/PR
Target Hand R
Target Head R
Target Leg R
Target Vitals U
Therbold Realty R
Trochomancy C
Trophy: Library R
Trophy: No Questions R
Trophy: Revered R
Tye Cooper R
Underbridge Stray U
Undying Tenacity C
Unholy Penance C/PS3
Urban Jungle R
Vessel PA2/PG2/PR2/PS2
Warrant C/PG
Will-o'-the-Wisp R
Zapaderin C/PR2
Reimpresiones Rareza
Amria PR2
Apparition PR4
Approximation of Loyalty PS3
Baal's Bloody Talons PA
Bang Nakh -- Tiger's Claws PG3
Black Sunrise PA3
Call of the Hungry Dead PG3
Carrion Crows PR3
Chill of Oblivion PG
Chimerstry PR2
Clandestine Contract PA4
Cloak the Gathering PS2
Compel the Spirit PG
Concealed Weapon PG2
Conditioning PG3
Confusion of the Eye PS3
The Crocodile Temple PS
Deed the Heart's Desire PA2
Divine Sign PG2
Dominate Kine PG2
Dragonbound PA
Dummy Corporation PS
Ecstasy PS3
Edged Illusion PR2
Enticement PS2
Ex Nihilo PG
Fata Amria PR
Fata Morgana PR4
Fatuus Mastery PR2
Flurry of Action PA2
Forced March PR
Forced Vigilance PR2
Forger's Hammer PG
Form of Corruption PS
Fortune Teller Shop PR
Foul Blood PA2
Freak Drive PR
Free States Rant PA
Frontal Assault PA
Garrote PA2
Gemini's Mirror PA3
Giant's Blood PG
Graverobbing PG
Haqim's Law: Judgment PA
Harass PG4
Hierophant PS
Ignis Fatuus PR4
Immortal Grapple PG2
Indomitability PR4
Inspire Greatness PG
Instinctive Reaction PR3
Jack of Both Sides PG2
The Jones PS3
KRCG News Radio PG
Khabar: Glory PA
The Khabar: Honor PA2
Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar PS
Majesty PS4
Market Square PA
Mask of a Thousand Faces PA
Mayaparisatya PR2
Mirror Image PR2
Morgue Hunting Ground PG
Necromancy PG
Nightmare Curse PR
Occlusion PR4
Opium Den PS
Owl Companion PR
Park Hunting Ground PR
The Path of Blood PA2
The Path of Bone PG2
The Path of Paradox PR2
Possession PG
Provision of the Silsila PA
Proxy Kissed PG2
Pseudo-Blindness PR2
Pursuit PA4
Quietus PA
Raven Spy PR3
Ravnos Carnival PR
Revelation of Desire PS3
Revelation of Despair PS3
Revelation of Wrath PS
Rooftop Shadow PA3
The Sargon Fragment PG
Scorpion's Touch PA4
Secure Haven PS
Selective Silence PA4
Serpentis PS
Shadow Feint PA
Shambling Hordes PG4
Siphon PG
Skin of Night PR2
Soak PR3
Songs of the Distant Vitae PA
Spectral Divination PG4
Spying Mission PS2
Sudario Refraction PG
The Summoning PS
Svadharma PR2
Swallowed by the Night PA3
Tajdid PA
Taste of Death PA3
Taste of Vitae PG2
Temple Hunting Ground PS
Temptation PS3
Torn Signpost PG2
Treasured Samadji PR
True Love's Face PS4
Truth of Blood PA
Truth of a Thousand Lies PS2
Tutu the Doubly Evil One (Bane Mummy) PS
Underworld Hunting Ground PA
Veil the Legions PS2
WMRH Talk Radio PS
Wash PS
Web of Knives Recruit PA2
Week of Nightmares PR
Weighted Walking Stick PA3
Whispers from the Dead PG2

 Los asteriscos (*) indican que la carta aparece sólo en el mazo preconstruido y no en los sobres.
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